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"STAIRS" an Uppsala production winter -04 to spring -05


DIRECTED by Johan Norell

Hans Warnsberg as The Priest

Me as the Opera Diva

Robert Barani as The Porter

Kristina Nordblom asThe Veggie Girl

Karl Winden as the Veggie Boy

Johnny Johanson as Valentin

Ulrika Forsberg as The Mistress

Julia Groundstroem as The Baglady

Viktor Grusell, Ludvig Sundstedt and Emma Sundstedt as Mushrooms

Photo: Johnny J.

Producer: AnneLee V.


Hans Warnsberg

Me as the Diva and Hylfert


Robert Barani


Kristina Nordblom and Karl Winden


Johnny Johanson


Me and Ulrika Forsberg


Julia Groundstroem