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Pilot movie "1251" idea by Leif Malm

Thomas Skoglund and Stefan Åkesson as Joar Blå(Joar the Blue) and Knut Långe(Knut the Tall)

At this pilotshooting I was doing Makeup and Directors Assistant work

Michael Lechner and Johnny J. in Bruno-part two

Three happy guys from 1251

Tony Skoglund played the part as Valdemar

Todd Elliot Entertainment & Management

Me as Pernille in "Den Jäktade"

Visit my friend Todd´s website. He´s a very professional swing entertainment & management guy

Michael Lechner as Bruno in "Bruno at café" And below, Michael with Johnny J, scriptwriter to the very same short movie, also role as "Dolly"

Julia Groundstroem at shooting of Bruno-part two