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and here are some pictures of AnneLee from different locations

AnneLee at her very best.....

"The Point after Dark"

"Stairs"...with Julia Groundstroem

"Katitzi",with Lydia Flores Garcia and Rebecka Englund

Tjechov - the BEAR

Shot for "The Point After Dark"

at Nalen - the Bear

Dorothy(AnneLee), Clark & Steve

Wolf Kiss

The Point after Dark

The Bear-at Nalen

In the spotlight

as Felicia in "Time"

First Wives Club (AnneLee-left) - Jarlateatern

A. as Bettie Page

AnneLee and crew/the Taube play at Uppsala Stadsteater

L o v e

with Maria and Tove in school play

The Point...

Ghost - job

w/Maria & Tove

"Katitzi", here with Lydia Flores Garcia, Robert Jelinek and Rebecka Englund

Albee Play

By the Russian Border

"Stairs", with Robert Barani, See The Grizzly Film Co. Page

Roskilde with J.J

with Hans Warnsberg, "Stairs"

TWOT in video

Home on the Ranch

Cold Response 2006 Actors and Officers